• What We Do

    Our goal is to position your business to reap the rewards of effectively connecting with your female target market.


    In order to achieve that goal, we provide four different areas of service:

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    Sales & Service Training

    Does your sales team know that…

    • When a woman stops nodding in a sales meeting, you need to stop talking?
    • While men assign value to a high-ranking corporate officer’s attendance in a sales meeting, women resent it?
    • Product specifications are actually de-motivating to women?

    In this live, on-site, interactive training your sales team will learn actionable, immediately implementable steps including:

    • The best strategies for presenting your product to women
    • Women’s conversion triggers
    • Words to use and words to avoid in the sales conversation
    • Tailoring your USPs to speak to womens’ priorities
    • Providing winning customer service to retain female customers and  turn them into sales ambassadors for your brand
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    Organizational Change

    Does your management team have first-hand female perspective?

    If you don’t have women somewhere on your decision-making team, you don’t know how your female clients think.


    If women don't feel confident to express their point of view, you are missing valuable knowledge.


    Advanced market research proves that empowering female employees in specific corporate roles results in increased sales to the female target market.


    We will help you identify the required changes in your organization and walk you through implementation.


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    Marketing Strategy

    Does your marketing strategy reach your female target audience?

    This service starts with consultations, continues with research, and results in the delivery of a customized marketing strategy which will:

    • Identify your female target market: who they are, where they are, and what they want
    • Identify the best opportunities for positioning your product 
    • Provide corporate messaging that will engage and motivate your female target audience
    • Dictate the best currently available channels to deliver your message and reach the target audience
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    Smooth Operations

    Did you know that 60% of all retail purchase decisions are made within the store?

    So much of the clients' decision-making depends on their interactions with your company and staff.


    We will help you:

    • Evaluates your current system design and configuration
    • Identifies opportunities for optimization
    • Provides recommendations for improving workflow design for maximizing profits
    • Guides your company through implementation