• Leah Aharoni SHEvuk Business Consulting

    Our Founder

    We get business. We get women. Their intersection is our domain.

    Our founder, Leah Aharoni, offers 15+ years of entrepreneurship experience, and here’s what she has to say about SheVuk:


    Research. Analyze. Launch. Build. Scale.

    Rinse and repeat.


    It’s in my blood, my breath, my very existence. I honestly can’t NOT launch and grow businesses, so I made it my business to help companies expand.


    Dedicated to showing companies how to successfully market their products or services to achieve sustainable, scalable profitability, I have springboarded that consulting experience into helping those same companies successfully market to the most powerful purchasing audience worldwide: women.


    Yes, I also have a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and extensive business consulting and coaching training so yes, I’m actually qualified to do this. Most importantly, together with my team, we are passionate about positioning businesses to succeed.