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  • How women buy!

    Getting to 80% of Consumer Decision Makers - Selling to the Female Buyer

    Women control most buying decisions, so a woman is making the decision whether or not to purchase your product. Right now.


    Yet the overwhelming majority of women say marketers don’t understand them. Have you asked yourself whether you are motivating you female customer effectively? Do you understand her decision-making process and her purchasing priorities?


    In this provocative and actionable talk, Leah Aharoni exposes the link between gender and buying and will show how to increase sales and profitability by marketing, selling and providing service to women.

    Everybody’s money is green? What's different about marketing to women

    People are people, so men and women shop and buy the same way, right?




    Though women make most purchasing decisions, most of our marketing knowledge has evolved around selling to men. In this talk we will explore the major differences in shopping and buying behaviors between men and women, with actionable steps to improve the sales outcomes.



    Selling to women - the whole 9 yards

    The 5 mistakes to avoid when selling to women and what to do instead

    Women are notorious among salespeople for being indecisive.


    They are not!


    Common misconceptions and mistakes about women's buying behavior hurt sales. Instead, in this talk we will learn how to understand your female customers, effectively address their concerns, and help them close with confidence.

    Crafting the customer experience that motivates women to buy and refer

    Women are more attuned to their surroundings.


    Your female customers notice things men don't.


    This talk covers the main concerns women have about retail and service environments and how addressing these needs can create better business results for your company.

    Leverage your edge

    Tapping into women's managerial edge to put your company ahead

    I bet that the answers to your company's most pressing issues are already available, right there inside your company, among your people.


    In this eye-opening talk, Leah shows leaders how to escape the silo mentality, discover hidden knowledge, and make best use of their companies' existing talent.

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    Some of the awesome organizations that have benefited from our trainings and talks

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    MASHAV International Development Agency

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    Middle East

    Partnership Initiative

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    Ministry of Education


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    Jerusalem Municipality

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    Bnei Brak Municipality

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    Bar Ilan University

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    Bezalel Academy of

    Art and Design

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    RE/Max Agencies

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    Ready Group

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    Channel 14 TV


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    Birthright Israel

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    Masa Israel

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    MATI Business

    Development Center

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    Israel Translators Association

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    Nefesh B'Nefesh

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    Siur Mochot

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    World Mizrachi